Lynnfield Youth Lacrosse is a youth lacrosse organization committed to offering young athletes from pre-K to 8th grade the opportunity to learn, develop, compete and enjoy this great game in a welcoming environment.

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An Emphasis on Player Safety

At Lynnfield Youth Lacrosse nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our young athletes. Toward that end, we have a licensed athletic trainer at every home game, educate our coaches on a variety of player safety issues, encourage proper nutrition and hydration, and have instituted a mandatory concussion policy. While concussions are rare we are focused on appropriate protections for your child should they suffer any head injury. Please see the policy below, which is based on a single guiding principle: "When in doubt, sit 'em out." We also believe that parents and the child are critical in maintaining player health and safety. Please see the important links for concussion awareness. 


******  Lynnfield Youth Lacrosse Concussion Policy  ******

Any player who sustains a suspected concussion or head injury in a practice or game will be evaluated immediately by a coach, and removed from play. At all home games LYL has an official licensed athletic trainer on site. The on-site trainer, or other qualified medical professional, has the final authority to remove or return to play of the participant. 
All Lynnfield Youth Lacrosse coaches participated in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Heads Up Coaches concussion training.  
Any LYL player who has been removed from practice or game due to a head injury or suspected concussion may not return to play. We also request that the player be evaluated and cleared by a licensed medical professional trained in the evaluation and management of concussions. All Lynnfield Youth Lacrosse decisions are made in the best interest of the children who play lacrosse. When there is any doubt about the player’s health, they sit out. 
We also suggest parents and players educate themselves about concussions and head trauma. To do so, you can check for CDC signs and symptoms chart for concussions, and more information.
There are a number of good sources of information for parents, coaches and players. The CDC and US Lacrosse are two such sites.